My name's Rebecca. I also go by Becks or Becca. I am an early and elementary education major. I love art history, film, fashion, theatre, feminism, social justice, books, and all sorts of music. I reblog that stuff here.


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I had an excellent birthday. I got drinks with friends at a local bar on my birthday, then on the following weekend I went out to a drag show and dancing. Then the next night I saw a Lord of the Rings Burlesque show which was AWESOME.

So pretty great birthday.

I now need to focus on getting things for my dorm and packing for my trip to California. 

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💘💎yung barbie💎💘


💘💎yung barbie💎💘

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Historiae Animalium by Conrad Gesner (1551-1587)

"Conrad Gesner’s Historiae Animalium (Studies on Animals) is considered to be the first modern zoological work.  Building a bridge between ancient, medieval, and modern science, he chronicles data  from old sources, such as The Old Testament, Aristotle and medieval bestiaries, and adds his own observations, creating a new, comprehensive description of the Animal Kingdom.  In what is the first attempt by anyone to describe many of the animals accurately, the book is illustrated with hand-colored woodcuts drawn from personal observations by Gesner and his colleagues.”

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not all angels are innocent

not all angels are innocent

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